Friday, May 20, 2005

All the crazies move to NYC

It's raining in Manhattan, but that doesn't stop anything. If anything, it forces more people to ride the trains because they don't want to walk. And people get ancey. It's really annoying.

This morning on the train there was a girl on the train and her boobs were totally about to pop out of her low-slung black v-neck shirt. I couldn't help but look for a second while I walked by, but I sat down and started reading the Times like a good boy. Then this guy gets on and takes his position by the door, clearly with the intention of having a nice vantage point. But we are the first stop on the train. So it's almost completely empty. And he stays there, standing. Staring at her boobs.

Sometimes I wonder whether it would be more fun to be a complete asshole.


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