Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This is kind of awesome

Awesome things that happened to me today:

A crazy man on the A train tried to get me to give him more space by proding me with an umbrella. My cat-like passive-aggressive reflexes went to work and I slowly moved a little closer to him. He muttered something (probably crazy talk) in his native-tounge so I took out my headphones and pretended that I couldn't hear him and said "What, I can't hear you," and he moved to the other side of the train. Score: Ben - 1 Crazy subway guy - 0.

I ate a Take5. God got sick of Snickers and he was like "What the fuck, guys. Put lots of shit in there and it will be good," and Take5 was born. If you've ever had sex and then right away eaten a Subway sandwich and then played Metal Gear Solid for awhile and then had sex again, eating a Take5 is sort of like that except it's got pretzels in it.

I downloaded that one Randy Travis song that I like a lot.

No, that's it. But that was still a pretty good day, huh? This guy will be doing stand up in St. Mark's tonight. It's called "How to Kick People." Even the name is funny! Sweet. See you there?


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