Monday, June 13, 2005

Ad sense

Graphic Design USA has a nice article about trends in 2005 logo design that I ripped off from 86th street. He notes that he likes the "weaves" the best, and I think he's right. I think that, even absent of color, our currency is designed very well (although I'm no fan of the big offset faces of late). The BONY logo (above) by Lippincott Mercer is my favorite, abliet a bit too obvious as a reference to currency. They are also a prime job prospect in a couple of years so if you're reading give me a job please. I've always been a fan of the Travelocity logo. I love the font in the Song logo, and coupled with it's simplicity, it has always attracted me. Hell, even the Pepsi logo is much better than the one that they are using. I know it took Pepsi until the mid-nineties to get rid of the nineteen-eighty-something version of their logo (Do you remember the tri-color cans? Hideous! Oh, oh, and the "neon" cans! Damn, Crystal Pepsi was the great, though, wasn't it?), but I fear it's time for an upgrade. One thing I'm not sure about is what the article refers to as the "blow out," which includes fading and lens flare. I don't know if the concept is practical because the numerous applications of a logo, I'm sure it's the least cost effective and I get the feeling that they are trying too hard. But I guess Microsoft pulled it off (sort of). What do you think?


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