Monday, June 13, 2005

Clear like a mountain stream, except better

Holy shit this deserves it's own post. Researching pictures of Pepsi can's for the last post I remembered the much loved-and-lost Crystal Pepsi. So, as we between the ages of 12 and 47 (maybe 48) do when we need our queries un-queried, I Googled that shit and found the Crystal Pepsi Fanpage! Not only was Crystal Pepsi loved by a money-hungry Van Halen, melting our twelve year old hearts with "Right here, right now," but apparently Tom Cochrane was in on the audio Pepsi love, too! Do you see that?! It all comes full circle. Like the circle of life except totally gayer and with longer hair. Check out the playlist for this Official Crystal Pepsi Comp:

Various Artists: "Slipped Disc"
Compilation CD (1993)
Label: Crystal Pepsi

1) Life Is A Highway - Tom Cochrane
2) Children - EMF
3) Cat's In The Cradle - Ugly Kid Joe
4) Pictures of Matchstick Men - Camper Van Beethoven
5) Tones of Home - Blind Melon
6) Fire - Red Hot Chili Peppers
7) Just The Way It Is, Baby - The Rembrandts
8) Head On - The Pixies
9) I Don't Want Your Love - Duran Duran
10) Sleeping Satellite - Tasmin Archer

The Pixies, for god's sake! What would their fanbase think?! I propose, right here, right now (did you see that?), that we take back what is rightfully ours and demand the reintroduction of Crystal Pepsi. Or at lease do like Nike and put up a super-elite storefront where only bloggers are allowed in. Here's a choice excerpt from the guestbook:
Jessica says: I hope they keep Pepsi Blue out.



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