Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Country Road

I'll be leaving NYC for the first time in ten months (!) this afternoon. Well, I mean I've been in Jersey for a couple days but that doesn't really count. Since I've started working I've had less time to think about Raleigh and what I miss about the south, but now that I'm headed back it's like a rush of blood to the head. I have a list of things I need to do that would take two months to get done. I am supposed to see so many people that I feel like I'll disappoint if I can't make it. I have family two hours south but I don't have a car. So at best, this will be a hectic trip. I am completely looking forward to it. If any of you will be in Raleigh or Charlotte feel free to call. I've got the new phone, but you can always call the old one.

Now I have a serious question:

Do you watch your significant other poop? I mean, not watch, but have you ever witnessed the act? I've been living with The Wife for over a year now and this issue is still a point of conflict for us. Bathroom time is alone time. Shower time is also alone time. Now, I break my rules in the morning because there are three of us trying to get out of the house in the same forty five minutes, so I'll bust in and brush my teeth while she's in the shower. And I can even take showers with someone. But when she gets out I have to take a real shower. But bathroom time means nobody comes in. When this comes up, I get looks like I have countless personality disorders. I probably have a little more than a slight case of the OCD's, but having somebody watch me poop is a huge line in the sand ain't nobody crossing. Fine: squeeze the fucking toothpaste from the top. I'll just fix it tomorrow. But you absolutely leave me alone in the bathroom.

So am I crazy or what?

Brooks & Dunn - Ain't Nothing About You
Shakira - En Tus Pupilas (In Your Pupils?) from her new album

And some live Modest Mouse from Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again:
Never Ending Math Equation
Paper Thin Wall
The Good Times Are Killing Me


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