Friday, June 24, 2005

It's incredible to me how much we take for granted the distance that the internet has come since Compuserve in the early 90's. We all do it. Just a second ago, I remembered that a coworker at my agency said something about a place called Duke's on Park Avenue by Union Square. This afternoon I happen to be meeting some people in that area, so I was trying to think of something to kill some time until they get off of work. I remembered Duke's, opened Internet Explorer, typed "Dukes Park Ave" into my handy Google toolbar and the very first Google hit has it's address and informs me that the food is BBQ and soul, and that I should get the pulled pork. It took me less than twenty seconds to think of a bar, find it, and mentally map out a route (and if you don't know your route, just click here). Jesus that is so cool.

Also, The Wife needs an mp3 player with the ability to record lectures. Anybody have experience with the more inexpensive ones? I know you can do it on an iPod, but $299 plus $39 for an iTalk isn't quite in our budget. Lemme know.


Blogger Ben Shepard said...

The Internet transforms modern life
By Steve Almasy
Friday, June 24, 2005; Posted: 4:43 p.m. EDT (20:43 GMT)

CNN stole my story.

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