Friday, June 17, 2005

Steve Jobs says "Stay cool, brah"

Let me tell you a story. Today was my very first "casual Friday" and it really threw me for a loop. You could cut the tension with a knife when I walked through the huge glass doors in jeans and a four year old thrift store button up -- rolled sleeves like I was at the beach. "Can I roll sleeves if I'm already this dressed down? Jesus I wore loafers with no socks! That's a Sunday only move! What was I thinking?!" I dreaded the entrance so much that I ducked into the WC before I got to my bosses office. "Should I tuck it in? Fuck it," I thought, and decided to throw the dice, and roll the chips or however that one metaphor goes. I slowly approach the corridor where my coworkers will be, sitting there, pretending to be busy. "I bet they just told me to wear jeans to set me up! I bet the CFO is coming by today! Bastards!" Just then, my boss turns the corner. And he's wearing a Yank's jersey. And black jeans. And the tension melts as I slip into my fake Herman Miller office chair and stare at my inbox for a couple of hours.

Here is a boring, random post for a boring, random afternoon. Fortunately my mood is improving because apparently I'm not the only who wants to slam his face into the desk because it's Friday. And in no time I'll be back in Brooklyn with a beer. Also I am still kind of excited about my guilty pleasure purchase yesterday afternoon: a pink button-down. Ralph Lauren, thirty bucks at Century 21. How great is that. Ok here you go.

Thighs Wide Shut says he's from Charlotte and has some ties in Raleigh, but after this trainwreak of a post, he just sounds like another transplant trying to overcompensate for his southern heritage. Everybody knows that Bojangles is the reason for waking up in the morning. And comparing Popeyes "red beans and rice" to dirty rice is heresey. Conclusion: Just because you live up here now doesn't mean you have to vote for Hillary Clinton and quit sayin' y'all.

Did you know that Jenny Lewis was in The Wizard? Also stolen from the Thighmaster.

Boingboing points us to a Flikr photo set of people pushing the leaning tower of Pisa. Except not so much.

Everybody and their momma are talking about Steve Job's comencement speech at Stanford this week. It's rousing and surprisingly "grassrootsey." But then again, I guess when you go to Stanford you expect a helluva graduation speaker. I think our speaker was a hog farmer or something. I skipped out.

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."
Steve Jobs


Blogger Orion_skie said...

That was also my worry about my first casual Friday. I had come to this office where it was casual dressy with a total casual jeanshorts n' flip flop office to find that its a huge no no at this office. Noone told me so I spent the day in comfort...watching everyone watch me with envy in their was great.

4:40 PM  

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