Thursday, June 23, 2005

There's a party on the roof across the street

My goodness! I'll admit that I was a little skeptical about the Pitchfork review of the brand new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! album yesterday, but it really is very good. They have a fine live show if you can get tickets to see them now that they are the next Arcade Fire. I still don't think that the record overall is "timeless" enough to deserve a 9.0, but it is a damn fine album. My guess is that it should have fallen somewhere in the 7.5 range but Pitchfork gave them an extra one and half points for being from New York. Here's a song to get you started.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth

In other news, Chase agreed to make the stencil of the rooster in exchange for a shirt, so hopefully I'll get off my ass and go buy some stuff for it this weekend. Has anyone ever done this before? Can you just spray paint a t-shirt? Or do you need to use rollers like these guys recommend? And what is an 'acetate sheet?' From what I understand, plain old paper is not ideal because it deforms when it gets wet. If you've got any experience in this let me know.


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