Friday, July 08, 2005

Music roundup

Ah, sweet, sweet Friday. Today is not the best Friday ever, because it is pouring in Manhattan and it makes everthing smell like summer (but not in a good way), but regardless, the end of the week puts images of drugs and alcohol in the mind of hipsters everywhere and something comes loose in peoples brains so we forget how much money we have in our bank accounts. The dance continues. Here is some music news from this week.

CMJ is rolling into New York City in September and the bands have been announced. God knows why they listed Arcade Fire first on the bill, because there are some amazing acts coming to town. Unmissable are John V'slice, The Hold Steady, Wolf Parade, The Numbers, The Wrens, Clap Your Hands, Prosaics, Hella, Of Montreal, and Eric Bachmann. Yikes. That's a lot of shows not to miss.

Sufjan is back on shelves, Superman and all. If you paid like $500 for it on eBay email me so I can make fun of you.

The fucking Hot Snakes broke up. Dammit. And when the fuck is RFTC going back on tour? Like, never. Story's at Pitchfork, too, if you don't want to read John's shitty handwriting. At least he says they'll be back in NYC one more time before they disband.

Ashlee the new Britney? Maybe. Good lordy that girl is fine. Speaking of fine, I stole the link from Rocksnob.

Finally, I can't remember where I read about this band, but you should totally download Destination Diamonds by Diamond Nights. The blog I heard about them on described them as "The Darkness without the falsetto," but there is still some falsetto in there. Oh yeah and they rock hard. Gogogo.


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