Friday, August 05, 2005

Things that make you go "hm"

Do you ever get the feeling that people on the internet are full of shit?

No, serioulsy. There are places on the internet that I expect people to be full of shit. Messageboards attract a lot of stupid people. They also attract a lot of people who have nothing better to do than make fun of people all day. There is a long tradition of harassment on the internet, and I'm willing to wager that it began on Usenet. Craigslist has become a cesspool of shady real estate brokers, horny old men and, well, more horny old men. But I didn't expect the Craigslist job boards to get bad. Today browsing the Finance listings I found two posts that, aside from pretty blatant flaws, look like good opportunities.

The first one is an entry level position at a hedge fund, something that I've been looking for since I started working a year ago. The message is not in all caps, doesn't say anything about filing papers or getting coffee, and appears to have been typed in Word and copied over because I don't see any spelling errors. And no ridiculously inflated salary, so it might not be a boiler room! $40,000 is about what I would expect for an entry level position! Son of a bitch, wait, it's posted from a Yahoo account.

The second one looks good, too. They even used bullets. They mention Great Plains, use some finance terms (including one that drives my inner lit-major crazy: "due diligence"). The obvious next step is to find out what "plus1recruitment" is and why the have a dot co dot uk address. Oh. Dammit.

So what's a boy to do? I could shoot off my resume to somebody who is either a) gathering contact information for god knows what or b) working for shady recruiting firms or c) technology illiterate. Or I could gather my pride and buy some more cheap beer, because it's going to be a long couple of years til that fancy Wall Street desk job jumps in my lap. But in the meantime at least I've got a view of the water and a job title that sounds important.


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