Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Wife learned how to use Google and we're all very proud of her. Unfortunately, now she is one of those people who sits around on Saturday night Googling her boyfriend's name. Next she is going to buy World of Warcraft and hole up in the bedroom and I'll only see her to bring her Doritos and Pepsi.

In related news, I have a new reader! Her name starts with "L" and ends with "Indsey!" How exciting! I was almost too drunk to spell my name, much less have a "tell-all" conversation about my double life Saturday night when I was informed that the "jig was up." I was "busted;" that all of my best kept secrets had been revealed, and that if I kept up the James Bond masqurade I could high-tail it out of Dodge and something about a hill of beans. But she is a forgiving soul. I think it's funny, but only because she doesn't know about my other secret webpage where I post pictures of the orgies and the baby seals that I club when she goes out of town.

Do you tell friends and family about your webpage? I'm totally curious now, what other people do about this phenomenon. Would you tell someone you were dating? Your parents? I must know!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My boss lives in Bensonhurst, the neighborhood just east of my own. He drives to work and parks ten feet from the entrance to our building, near Penn Station. From Brooklyn, it's about a thirty minute drive. Because of the train strike, however, he's changing his plans to take the LIRR at Flatbush out to Jamaica, and then back to Penn. So I don't have a ride into work in the event of a stike.

Which means.

Instead of a thirty minute car ride (which would probably turn into an hour because of car traffic), I will have to ride out to Rockville Center on Long Island with my roommate and take the LIRR all the way into Penn Station. 1.5 hours to Rockville, 1.5 (minimum) back to Penn.

Fuck the TWU.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ultimatum is the title track from The Long Winters new EP out on Barsuk. You should get it because it's fantastic.