Monday, February 27, 2006

ESPN currently has NC State as a 4 seed. It seems like the first round should be a lock, but we have a record of blowing clutch games. They get all my love, but I won't be putting (much) money on them. My boss took NC State on the money line against Carolina. I told him he was retarded. We love showing ACC teams just how badly we can play.

My three previous picks are inching up, so two of them will be "surprises" and not upsets. Bucknell is a 8 seed and they will go the second round. Nevada is an 8 and they should get through the first round. Colorado is a 12, and they might do alright depending on who they play. Six of their seven losses are in conference but they don't really have any big Ws.

  • Memphis will not go to the Final Four. They will probably not be in the Elite Eight.

  • The Zags will not make it to the Elite Eight.

  • NC State will go out in the second round

  • Marquette, Bucknell, and Wisconsin Mil. will all show up, and once again everybody will be like OMGWTFMILWAUKIE?

  • First round upsets: UAB, Wisc. Mil., Colorado and UNCW.

NC State plays our last game away in Winston Saturday at 4:00 on CBS. Send Herb a little prayer if yer the prayin' type, because lord knows we'll only get another 1983 with some divine assistance.


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