Monday, March 13, 2006

State is barely in at a 10 seed. I mean, they couldn't not let us in. But come on. There are teams (Cincy) that deserve to be in more than we do. I'm not taking them into the second round. I mean, if Herb can unleash the fucking beast and start pounding on tables like Knight and get these kids riled up a little, we might have a chance to get past California. But Texas? Uh-uh.

UNCW with the 9 seed. I'll take themn over George Washington. Down in the second round at the mighty hands of Duke.

'Zona and Wisc will be a good game. I'm not calling shit.

BC will probably end up playing Villanova in the Sweet 16. Haven't decided what happens there. But you gotta give some love to the ACC.

Our boys Bucknell are gonna show up against Memphis. What's with the hate this year? They are Bucknell for shit's sake. How can you not like 'em?

Gonzaga goes down quick. Hopefully to Indiana. But Marquette or UCLA will do it if they get past the second round. They are overrated and I'm sick of hearing that they are building a legacy. They did well four years ago or something. It was a fluke, not a foundation. Bucknell -- now that's the foundation of a legacy.

If any one would like to donate to the Starving Brooklynite Foundation you can Paypal me. Between this and Atlantic City in a month I'm going to be hurting. All proceeds will go towards corndogs, Ramen noodles and Parliment Lights.


Anonymous farmfresh said...

i have to agree with you about gonzaga. it's not a dynasty. they need consistent top recruits. right now they just have two good players that that are helping them dominate a mediocre conference. it's easy for someone like morrison to be a superstar player and average 28 ppg in the WCC. put a couple players like redick and craig smith from BC at UNC-Charlotte and see if they couldn't dominate the A-10 the same way. or move gonzaga to the big east and i think they go 9-7, not 14-0. and that's not saying that the WCC can't produce legitimately good teams (1990 loyola team comes to mind) but gonzaga just ain't the real deal.

also, and i *really* hate to say this, but i think UNC deserved a #2 seed in the DC bracket.

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