Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12, 2006 -- A California man was blinded in one eye at a Brooklyn [Bay Ridge] hotel after he got into a confrontation with two transvestites who passed him a bogus $100 bill, cops said yesterday.

Source: New York Post

Well, that's what you get for changing a $100 bill to two trannys in a hotel bar in backwater Brooklyn. This incident, by the way, following a sucessful HIT on some sixty year old around the corner from me who couldn't pay his Off Track Betting losses. In the middle of the day. On the main drag in Bay Ridge. Classic.

I keep getting my hopes up of tearing ass out of here for greener (or greyer, browner, as the case may be) pastures. The past month has felt like I've been running on a treadmill. A VP who left six months ago to open his own consulting firm offered me a position with him in Newark, but after playing phone tag for far too long, swearing that I wouldn't even take the job anyway because a) it's in Newark and b) he wouldn't call me back, and then recanting and playing more phone tag two weeks ago, I've finally let the poor idea die. No use beating a horse that got hit by a truck and set on fire.

Just about the time I give up on the Jersey job, HR at the hosiptal calls me to inform me that I won't be returning to work the next day. 3:30 in the afternoon! They just said "peace." My boss got pissed, nailed HR's balls to the wall, and told me that I was to report to work tomorrow, and that he'd take steps to put me in a salaried position ASAP. He is in the process of putting in paperwork ("I just need to get one more signature," today, "You'll be in here by the end of the year," six months ago) to take me on full time. So now instead of planning what kind of car to get and how big our house in Jersey should be, I'm trying desperately to determine if I will be able to afford move to Manhattan or Hoboken or Prospect Park on the smaller raise.

I guess it's like that line in Office Space where Tom, who gets hit by a car on his way to work, says that if you just keep plugging away at your job, good things can happen. Hopefully my good things will be a new apartment and not being hit by a car.


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