Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is my attempt at a Friday NYT puzzle. Just in case you're not familiar with the online crosswords, the little red triangle means I had to cheat on that one. I circled a few of the ones I got with little or no help. I'm thinking of going pro.

The trip to North Carolina was glorious and heartbreaking. Many of the things that I loved about Raleigh are gone. Almost all of the things that I loved about Raleigh were people. They have moved to better jobs or in with significant others or just left. The city is still great. We ate at Porter's and the Rockford, Bojangle's, the Rodeo, and even had an honest to god cookout. I got to see a few people who haven't quite left the area, but are on their way out in some manner or another, and a few people who seem to like the city as much as I do, and are content to stay. Charlotte was strange and distant. It was good to see family, but everything else felt foreign. I invited a dorm-buddy out to a bar because I couldn't stand to sit around the house and watch any more movies on Sundance. When she showed up, I told her that I thought it was a little awkward, us not seeing each other in three years. She disagreed, and we had a great time dispite my caution, and sung Aretha and Gloria Gaynor and Kelly Clarkson all night. The wedding was interesting, the food was really good, and I didn't make even one joke about the bride's new name (J. Lo) or how hot her sister was. I think she was pleased.

Next on the list is Chicago, depending on how well the money tree is growing. I had to buy a new computer yesterday, but I reeeeaally wanna see Spoon and Ted Leo at the end of July. Keep yer fangers crossed.


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