Friday, July 28, 2006

My last post was over a month ago. Things have calmed down significantly since then. It's Friday and my boss is out and (I think) I have everything under control, so here's a rundown:

I quit consulting for Robert Half to take a full time position with the hospital. There really wasn't much benefit to doing so besides the fact that now people will stop thinking I was a temp just because I worked for a temp agency. It gets pretty old correcting people, and assuring them that I did, in fact, have full benefits for the prior year and a half. I am doing a lot more work (I just had to do real work for a hour or so right after I finished that sentance) and my boss is loud and obnoxious, but he likes me, so I plan on climbing the ladder, drafting behind him like how ducks fly behind the one duck at the front so they don't get so tired because those ducks in the back are totally the lazy ones.

We are looking for an apartment in Williamsburg or Cobble Hill or Park Slope for October 1st. I'm not making enough money to move, but if we don't leave Bay Ridge I get to hear about how long the subway ride is for another year. Plus our neighborhood is pretty lame. The last ad on Craigslist I replied to was to a guy who wanted to sign a lease in Park Slope with some other people. He sent an email back saying that he got so many responses he was going to have everyone meet at a bar in Manhattan for happy hour, so we all get to meet and find people to live with. I think it's a good idea and I'm going to go. The market sucks, hopefully there will be lots of people in our budget range who don't mind living with a couple.

Other things: We went to a Harlem Shakes show and no one did the Harlem Shake. Gil Mantera was there but there were too many people so we left.

Yesterday I went six avenues east of the zone where we usually hang out to drink with a buddy and it was an adventure exploring new territory. Is that sad or what.

It's fucking brutal outside, but I bought a pink sweater a couple weeks ago anyway because it was on sale.

I went to Jersey and got wasted with a few friends of a friend and they were all a few years our senior, twenty-seven or eight, and it was like a high school party. They got really drunk and said lots of inappropriate things at a family-friendly function. Then we went back to somebody's parents house and they got us drunker. 1999 like whoa. Also people from Jersey yell a lot. More than rednecks, maybe.

TV On the Radio kind of sucked live outdoors.

You should listen to some Willy Mason. And DeYarmond Edison. Also the new Killers single is pretty catchy. The new Pharell ('fer-EL,' not FER-al, like Will Ferrall, the wife informed me) sucks. And J5 was on one of those shitty dancing reality TV shows last night. I grabbed the remote and got yelled at because she thought I was going to change it, but I was trying to turn it up.

I totally got drunk on champagne at the symphony the other week.

Tomorrow is going to be my first punk rock show since, like, Dropkick Murphys in 2003. Rocket from the Tombs and DC Snipers. Sweet.

That's it. I promise I'll try and be back on a slightly regular basis.


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