Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nanowrimo #2

The Man and the Lady had already decided, independently, that something in their lives had to change before they drove each other away and lost the love that they had accidentally built. It was not surprising that, as a first attempt, they had had similar ideas about how to repair their fraying circumstance. A trip – but not just a trip. An excursion. A sabbatical. A very long sabbatical. Months or years, at the least, they agreed. And this was not to be a vacation. Vacation’s are for fun and relaxation. The purpose of this trip was not exactly to relax, or take a rest from life, but to step back from life and get some much-needed introspection and to tie up the loose ends of their patchwork philosophy, together. The together bit was where the problems came and where they had continued to come and pile up and destroy lines of communication and fuel extramarital romances and break glasses at dinnertime.

The Man worked in a building in the city-proper, where his office overlooked the bay where, long ago, the sea had once turned brown and the fish finally got a firsthand taste of our afternoon rituals. He spent a lot of time in the building, and a lot of time in the office overlooking the bay, but he spent very little time thinking about the fish in the bay or about things like the day, long ago, that the sea had turned brown. He had gone to school in the same city – which was also where he met the Lady. At the time he was pleased with her interest in things other than work and she was pleased with his ambition, which seemed to drive not only the Man’s schooling and career choices, but also his everyday activities, even down to what to eat for lunch and which pair of socks to wear in the morning.

The excitement of what awaited them after the prerequisites were out of the way shone so brightly on the horizon that it blinded them to the fact that they were never actually supposed to meet each other, much less fall in love and buy a row house and take lavish trips to Morocco together. This was written somewhere, but they, of course, never read it. Nor would they have been able to. Can you imagine what would happen if you could take a peek at the book and find out that this was not your life at all, but in fact something else entirely? That instead of heading on your way to your golden years, your train had long ago jumped the tracks and was, at this very moment, on it’s side careening downhill, very close to killing you and anyone who you had ever met? Many years prior, the Man and the Lady’s trains had smashed into each other in the most magnificent and beautiful manner possible, and were still speeding along the earth crushing every meticulously laid plan that they crossed. They, of course, did not know this. All that they knew was that they had to leave, and that if they didn’t do something quickly, then their years together would have been wasted and the memories of the passionate relationship that they once shared tainted. Neither one of them wanted that.


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