Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nanowrimo #3

The Lady was the first to notice that their relationship was ill fated. He was too consumed by work to notice the little changes, she concluded. While rational people can make the judgment that, simply because the Lady noticed these changes first doesn’t in fact give rise to the conclusion that this was all the Man’s fault. But, while passion’s direction can be altered, it’s intensity cannot, so the very thing that blinded the Lady to their incompatibility in the beginning now blinded her to their intense love, which might have otherwise calmed her to prudence. First she noticed that the Man’s hours at the office get longer and longer. This was to be expected, though, because his position was one of power and responsibility. His position also provided her with the roof over her head and “every other Goddamned thing that I’ve worked to give you,” he reminded her often. Sex was rare and she reasoned that they were simply losing the energy of their youth, like every other couple their age, but she probably always knew that there was more than that. Then one evening when they were getting ready for bed she noticed a smell on him that was not sweat from the gym or tobacco smoke from the cigar lounge. For weeks she tried to smell his hair before he was able to take showers, and went through the laundry trying to find the odor again. She never did, but she never forgot about it and often times felt the sudden urge to paw through the entire laundry basket, smelling his shirts, in an attempt to narrow down the foreign odor.

The Man, of course, also knew that their love had ebbed over the years. The night of their seventh anniversary when she rebuffed his advances he made the decision to focus his energy on advancement at work, and to make plans to leave the Lady for the city in due time. He never left her, though, because their lives were too tangled and every time he thought about moving out of the house that they had loved for so many years, nostalgia and affection came roaring back and he lost his resolve.


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