Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nanowrimo #4

It was in the early evening in the fall when they both simultaneously, but independently, decided to try and fix what had been damaged for so long. He was at work, in his office overlooking the bay wondering what his life would be like without an office overlooking the bay, and she was in a bar downtown flirting with a transient businessman so that he would buy her more drinks when they both realized what they had to do. They were surprised to meet each other at the house at the same exact moment, but they were not surprised that they had come to the same conclusion. They would rent a cottage in the north for as much time as it took for them to either renew what once was, or dismember and bury forever what was never supposed to be.

Plans had to be made and loose ends tied up. The Man told the people at the office overlooking the bay that he would be gone for a long time. They valued his contributions so much, they said, that he would certainly have his old position when he returned. He didn’t care about having his position when he returned, if he returned, but he thanked them anyway and left the office. The Lady removed the paintings from the walls of the row house and took them to a museum so that other people could enjoy them while they were away. She made plans to have a friend rent out the house, which would give them more than enough to pay for the cottage in the woods. They purchased outdoor winter clothes that weren’t really suitable for the outdoors or for the winter from an upscale retail store and they bought enough canned and dry goods to last at least half of their lifetimes. They had a small party the weekend before they were scheduled to leave and, because of the promise of fixing their tattered love, the tension was temporarily dissolved from their relationship. For the first time in years when they smiled at each other it was completely effortless and genuine. They played Coltrane records and drank too much champagne and told their friends embellished stories about what they would do while they were gone, and never mentioned the real reasons for their departure. When their friends had all left for the night, the couple looked at each other and each one wanted to hold the other very much, but they did not, and instead they went upstairs to wash up and get ready for bed without a word.


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