Friday, December 15, 2006

Nanowrimo #10

The days were beginning to warm, and the sun beat the roof of the shack enough in the afternoons that the Man could let the fire go out after they woke in the mornings and he did not have to build another until the sun was well beyond the horizon. The couple had forgotten why they came to the woods months ago and lived only for each other. In the mornings the Lady would gather grass and berries for breakfast and lunch. The Man hunted for squirrels and birds for their evening meals. There was little need for words, as their limited interactions existed solely between each other and with the wood, but their love grew stronger and took on the character of an ancient oak, with roots so thick and far-reaching that it may as well have been indestructible.

When the couple did speak, they spoke only of the present and the near future. Their deep-rooted past lives had finally eroded and the days were ephemeral now. This liberated the couple enormously. If, on a bad day of hunting, the Man returned with only one robin, neither the Lady nor the Man wished for yesterday’s bounty; Rather, they ate with gladness for the bird’s presence. When the day came that neither could remember what they had once thought flawed in the other, their love took on an immutable character, and they each breathed a long, deep sigh without knowing why.

That night they slept curled together on the dirt floor that the Man had dug out in the corner of the shack and that the Lady had bedded with straw and pine needles that she saved tending her modest garden. It was an odd sight, the couple cuddling in the corner, warming each other, dreaming about the sun and the clouds that made shapes when you looked at them for a long enough time. All the same, the two radiated compassion and tranquility as they slept, and when the two awoke early in the morning one might have noticed that neither the compassion nor harmony left their eyes when the magical world of dreams turned into sunrise. The chains that had choked the two in their lives before were unfastened at last.


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