Friday, December 08, 2006

Nanowrimo #7

Days passed and the couple began to adapt to the life outside of the city. Away from cell phones and beeping fax machines and television in place of conversation at dinnertime, the couple began to remember the reasons that they first fell in love. Or, at the very least, why they believed they should have spent their lives together. On the fourteenth day living in the cabin, the Man said something about someone that they both knew in school that made the Lady laugh for a long time. On the seventeenth day in the cabin, the woman kissed the man passionately and the Man forgot for a moment what he had been writing in his journal. On the thirty-first day in the cabin, when the couple made love, neither one of them thought about anything except the other for the entire afternoon. Even when they awoke the next morning, they both looked at the other with truly loving stares even before wondering if the instant coffee would taste better this time, or what the weather outside was like outside.

When the Man and the Lady had known each other for a year, the Man took the Lady out for dinner at one of the nicer restaurants in their city. The Lady wore a black dress and pearl earrings. The Man wore a suit and a tie. They laughed at dinner and ordered too much food and too much wine. When they looked at each other at the end of them meal, they both saw something different than the person who was sitting across from them at the table. What they saw was, in fact, something entirely different than who was actually there enjoying dinner with them. And so it went for a decade and then some, each seeing something that was never there, until that morning when they awoke beside each other. That morning they saw exactly what was there, and nothing more or less. They smiled at each other, and this time they each knew what the other was thinking. For the first time in a decade of living and loving together they understood each other without speaking. The Man smiled again, rose, kissed the Lady, and walked towards the kitchen to make instant coffee that would not taste any better this morning than it did yesterday.

Ed: Please note, it does not stay faggy like this for long.


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