Friday, January 19, 2007

This is a list of one hundred things that make me happy on a regular basis. Even I don't have an explanation for why it was suddenly necessary to list them this morning. And yes, I did do it in Excel, but it was mostly so that I could easily alphabetize it. Enjoy!

30 Rock
A clean desk
Adult Swim
All of my dearest friends, scattered throughtout these great states
Aveda's Men's line
Barb├ęs in Park Slope (moreso now that I just found out what it means)
Big hugs
Bowties (the idea of)
Britney Spears (the idea of)
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn Museum (The)
Business section (The)
Carolina Pale Ale
Classic films
Cuba in general (The idea of)
Cuban food
Cuban jazz
David Foley
Dive bars
Driving east on 40 with the windows down
Ducking into bars to escape the snow
Dumpling Man
Dyke-y lesbians
Eddie Izzard
Embarrassing people
Everything about going to the beach except the water
Film Forum (The)
Financial district on the weekends (The)
First day of the Spring that you can wear flip flops (The)
Fixing things
Friday afternoons
Getting drunk and talking about politics
Getting drunk outside
Growing plants
Hardwood floors
Homemade / improvised solutions to problems
House parties
Iced tea
Irish neighborhood bars
Jalapenos and movie-theater cheese dip
Laundry delivery services
Listening to loud music to get un-anxious
Living in a loft (the idea of)
Making a sandwich at home so it's just the way you want it
Making spreadsheets that look really complicated
Making spreadsheets that really are so complicated they crash other people's computers
McLaughlin Group (The)
Meet the Press
Mike and Ikes / Hot Tamales
Moutain Dew at eight in the morning
Ms. Pac Man
Music that makes you want to dance on the train
Nerdy conversations
NPR, Science Friday
NPR, This American Life
Outsider art
PBS, Antiques Roadshow
PBS, Nova
Playing guitar loudly (singing badly optional)
Post-It notes
Pulling staples out with a staple remover
Really hot showers
Rudolpho's Feast at Mitch's
Secret bars (the idea of)
Skoal Wintergreen (don't you give me that look)
Sleeping beside someone
Smell of new rubber (The)
Solving problems
Sorority girls who dress really stereotypically
South Brooklyn / Boreum Hill
Staying in with a bottle of wine and Chinese food
Taking the afternoon off > having the whole day off
Ted Leo
Times crossword Monday through Wednesday (The)
Unreal Tournament
Upper West Side
Used book stores
Wargames (the movie)
West Village (The)
White Russians
Wolf Web (The)
Wolfpack (The)
Woody Allen
Zelda (all)


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