Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Racism or not: Today in the mail at work I got a request from the IRS for an employee's information. It was a photocopy of a IRS form, centered in the middle of an 8x10 sheet of paper, so they had room at the top for a typed blurb. "We promise that we have exhausted all other resources for obtaining the information," it "promised." Now, colloquial typed message in the margin of a photocopied form aside, this thing looked fake as hell. It came from Westchester but had a return address in Patchaogugne or whatever the fuck the city was called (Tangent: these jackass Yankees are masochistic when choosing city names). The address to my office was hand written. The typed blurb had a sentence underlined in blue pen. The back of the envelope was taped up. If there wasn't a special government stamp on the thing I would have laughed out loud -- this thing screamed Nigerian Paypal scam. So, here I am, pretty "small government," thinking no one would know if I just shredded it, as a little retribution for my iminent income tax underpayment for FY2006. But then I read the name of the employee who they couldn't locate and it was clearly a muslim name. So I suppose that in the back of my mind I though, maybe they don't just want his information for tax collecting purposes. So I forwarded it to payroll.

Just to make sure I infuriate and alienate all of the liberals in my life, I have the door to my office shut and am blaring George Jones and I have a big ole scoop of Skoal in my lip. Life isn't as bad as it was yesterday.



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