Friday, June 15, 2007

Surprisingly uplifting things said to me by schizofrenics I pass on the way home from work:

"Just do good things. Just do good things."

This has not been a good week at work. I had a bunch of whiny garbage typed out but I'll spare you.

Fuck that shit, anyway, there is much to be rejoiceful for. I was accepted into Fordham's Graduate Business program. It doesn't have a cool name like "Sloan" or "Wharton" because I haven't gotten the chance to donate $40 mil yet. If somebody usurps me and names it something gay before I get the chance to christen it the Tom Sellick School of Serious Business I'll be pretty disappointed. Other good news: It's Friday. I get a week of rest while the Wife is in Alaska at the end of the month. I got plane tickets to Chicago, a two day pass to Pitchfork, and the coolest people in the midwest to look forward to in July. Free Pool Party concerts are starting up soon. I took the next step in Ultimate Tattoo Fucking Awesomness Plan and now carry around a few pictures of roosters in my bag, just in case I get the inclination to go up to the place I have already chosen and get it done. Maybe this weekend. Also I am listening to lots of emo. Is Senses Fail emo? Skate punk? Whatever the kids call it.

Oh and also today I talked to this woman on the phone named Bea and she was just as sweet as apple pie. All preconceptions re: her awesome name were confirmed.


Anonymous farmfresh said...

my grandmother's name was Bea. (Beatrice was her middle name, but she always went by Bea. my mother's middle name also happens to be Beatrice, but she does not go by Bea.)

8:21 PM  

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