Thursday, August 02, 2007

My boss is out of town today and tomorrow, and then all of next week. For most people this would mean that they get a little bit of a break, but for me it just means that I have twice as much work to do and eight more people breathing down my fucking back about things so stupid that I have to help them figure out what question they are trying to ask in the first place. So, as I am want to do, I got drunk and stayed up until two this morning and then woke up late and got to work a little late at (GASP!) nine o'clock this morning. So the first fucking thing that the other woman in my department does when I walk in is kind of give me this funny look and says to me "Someone's going to come ask you about something," and I'm like WTF WOMAN JESUS STOP ACTING LIKE SUCH A WOMAN. So I finally fucking pry out of her: "this week some of the girls didn't get paid," blah blah blah (paraphrase) "you didn't fax their timesheets". A-NUMBER-ONE, this is not my fucking job, I am not a fucking secretary, I started doing time because I am too fucking nice. Number two, yes, I did fucking fax the timesheets because two weeks ago when I was out of town you fucking lost the cover sheet that saves me thirty precious seconds when I am doing this stupid fucking menial administrative bullshit that you threw on me when you couldn't keep the rest of your employees here and happy and they all quit, and I specifically remember being pissed about having to write out a new fax cover sheet, which I wouldn't have had to do if you didn't piss all over my routines while I left for a single fucking week of relaxing with people I actually enjoy sociallizing with. NUMBER THREE: We have exactly three morning chores to get done before ten o'clock (please note that it's 9:45 and I'm writing on Blogger rather than doing mine, by the way), and you barely know how to do one of them, because I do it every day, and even though it only takes me a half hour it takes you half the damned day. Between the other two, there's one that takes fifteen minutes and one that takes thirty seconds. And she says to me, "Why don't you do [fifteen minutes] and I'll do [thirty fucking seconds]." AND THEN. She comes into my office and says to me "I can't believe [our boss] didn't already do [thirty second chore]!" BECAUSE SHE FUCKING EXPECTED THE ONE FUCKING THING SHE HAD TO DO ALL MORNING TO BE DONE ALREADY.

What. The fuck. Ever. (Sorry for sailor-mouth).


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