Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There's an underground network of music snobs and socialites spread across the country. They call themselves "The Artist's Den," and they have a tarted out website featuring the interior facade of the Angel Orensanz Foundation's bohemian, LES headquarters to add to the impression 'local color.' What they really do, however has less to do with good, local music, and more to do with getting UES I-banker "young adults" to pay $750 a year for twelve exclusive acoustic concerts a year. I was pretty infatuated with the idea of small, intimate shows until I saw the price (ungodly) and the hook (adult contemporary for yuppies who regret listening to all that Abba when they were young). I mean I'm all about taking money from yuppies, but I'd be happier if they chose to seek out good music that actually contributes to the community (like the ecclectic happenings at the AO Foundation).

Anyway, Ben Kweller has some tunes from a set he did for these guys up on iTunes right now and I suggest stealing them using any means possible. They probably already paid him well with Grey Goose and Tiffany's diamonds (no srsly check out the sponsors) anyway.


Anonymous farmfresh said...

"But for people with jobs and families, itÂ’s a whole lot easier to catch a live band just after work and head home with plenty of time to hit the sack at a reasonable hour."

you mean seeing dinosaur jr. finishing a two hour set at 1:30am on a thursday isn't reasonable?

3:42 PM  

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