Wednesday, September 12, 2007

There's something so wonderfully wrong about having sex with unicorns that I kind of want to install Second Life now. What is this thing? Just like AOL chat with a world where you can walk around? When did I get so behind the times? I thought I was dorky enough that I would have heard about this.

First day of class went well. Both of my professors are moderately entertaining. One swears that he spends five nights a week at home in Boca, which would mean flying back and forth at least twice during the work week. The other does crazy math problems for Deutsche Bank and probably makes more money in a day than I do in month. Though he did say that he hates his job, so +1 tick for my newest non-profit / media sector plan. I'm still not sure I'm supposed to be exclusively finance for the rest of my life.

Re: the other night: Please stop hating on Britney. Girl looks good, she's probably just on tons of Klonopins or Xanax or something. She doesn't have to dance if she doesn't want to, namean? Fuck MTV anyway, maybe she was just making a statement. Like how they shoved 50 and Kanye up on stage together to exploit their 'beef,' like anybody believes that two dudes as sold-out as them still have any 'street' in them. Like effing 50 is going to roll up to the VMAs ten deep to confront Kanye on stage in a tuxedo because 50 sold 10 million albums and Kanye sold 11 million. Pssh. Their labels have them on tighter leashes than Charlotte Church. By the way, Kanye's album is pretty hot and 50 is a waste of space. I'm not even going to take the time to download Curtis. If there's any beef in pop-rap it should be Britney bitchslapping the fuck out of Talib for dissing her on Eardrum. Fuck that. The best track on Eardrum is the, Lord help me, Timberlake track. Okay I'm done.


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