Friday, October 12, 2007

What an awesome word.

I learned this word because I bought a new suit jacket and it has (like most off-the-rack suits) false sleeve buttons. I became interested in why this is, because I like real sleeve buttons and my cheap H&M jacket has them. Are the eighties back in style? I don't know and I don't care, but rolled jacket sleeves are an awesome way to say to the world "I look effing amazing in this jacket but I'm a little warm, so instead of taking the jacket off I will keep looking amazing and dégagé and stay a little cooler at the same time." What I found was that, unfortunately, true sleeve buttons are a mark of bespoke tailoring. If you need your sleeves tailored and have true sleeve buttons, the adjustment would have to be done at the shoulder. Since most people need to have something done to off-the-rack suits (or, at least, they should), sleeve buttons would be a hinderance to most customers. I also learned that some people consider unbuttoning sleeve buttons gauche, which only leads to more questions. Where are the people who spot unbuttoned sleeve buttons and mutter "new money" under their breath to their wife? Because these are the people that I need to be associating with.

That was long and meandering and I hope it didn't take the thrill out of anyone's learning a great new word.


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