Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scenarios in which my listening choices ostracize me from the rest of my office:

Scenario 1:
Older lady> *Funny face* What is that you're listening to?
Ben> Um, NPR?
Older lady> Oh, I thought it was in a different language or something.
Ben> Palmface.

Scenario 2:
Woman in office beside me> What is that you're listening to?
Ben> Uh, long story.
WIOBM> Is that blues?
Ben> Well, sort of, it's this autistic kid from Texas who's been making music all his life. It's pretty good, huh.
WIOBM> Oh. Okay.

Soultion: Styx.


Anonymous farmfresh said...

you weren't listening to this autistic kid, were you?

2:56 PM  
Blogger Ben Shepard said...

This one, who's wikipaedia page doesn't actually say he's autistic, though the (awesome) documentary sure makes it looks like he is.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous farmfresh said...

that's where i know him from... he's on that "school house rock rocks!" cd. unpacking adjectives and whatnot.

12:42 PM  

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