Sunday, January 13, 2008

More fun than I've had in a few months, to say the least. Froberg's voice makes whatever band he's a part of something special. He oozes punk rock. Crowd was old (excepting the old couple who brought their distraught 9 year old) and relatively calm. No Hot Snakes covers, even though he got us wet with some warming up (BOOOO). Good, good, new songs. Basically Hot Snakes V2, maybe a little more mellow, but he looked as old as Iggy Pop so I guess you gotta wind down some day. Overal grade: A-fucking-plus, even though the 8:30 showtime turned into 10:00. Will not forget soon.

Also, Love or Perish was pretty decent. Good, old punk rock. I thought I was finished after Obits wrecked shit and the second band was terrible, but Love or Perish actually had me accidentally jumping around after about ten minutes. Recommended.


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