Monday, January 07, 2008

Whoa, dudes. I know that none of you come here for esoteric indie rock information, but this one is sort of important. So lets, like, do some David-Blane-doing-magic-through-the-television type shit. Close your eyes and think about riding the school bus to 9th grade. You just started figuring out what good music was. You were starting to realize how much you needed to get laid this year, but hadn't even really gotten to second base yet. You were playing in a shitty band (marching band counts). Some of you had tried pot and some of you had tried D&D and every one of you had eighteen tubs of Clearasil wipes in your medicine cabinet even though they didn't do a damn thing except burn like a motherfucker. On the bus ride to school you and the cute girl/boy one year older than you shared a Walkman, one of you barely able to hear because your headphones were plugged into the non-amped line-out while the other got the headphone jack, and you were probably listening to Nada Surf and Superdrag and it was beautiful outside and the sun was shining and in a few minutes you'd be smoking cigarettes, and wishing you were making out, and killing time with the best friends you'll ever have.

So, you know, I will probably not go to this because it might wreck all of that nostalgia. But we'll see. Tix on sale tomorrow.


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