Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The next person that asks me to ask someone else to do something is getting punched in the effing mouth. THIS PLACE GIVES ME HEADACHES. I NEED A DAMNED DRINK.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Connections in brains that have been awesome recently: First, the Kate Bush/Kate Nash thing last week that made me remember the song Don't Give Up (which Kate Bush sang on) which made me start listening to Peter Gabriel again. Second, everybody hating on Vampire Weekend with this "Oh look how cute they remade Graceland" trash talk got me to listen to Paul Simon again and he's so much cooler than I thought he was when I was ten and only wanted to listen to En Vogue and Aerosmith. Third, I guess since it was Easter I started thinking about those big stone heads that people think aliens put on Easter Island, which reminded me of this huge Talking Heads display they had up in the Camelot music store by my grandparents house like a million years ago, so I downloaded 77 and I'm currently blasting it and I'm obvs the coolest dude in my office.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Brooklyn is the place to be in the spring. Drinking outside, hipsters taking their clothes off, walking in our beautiful parks and outdoor concerts all come to a head when the weather hits 65 degrees. Unfortunately, it's still 50 out today, but at least it's sunny and it's not snowing. Fortunately Brooklyn also has lots of indoor activties to offer while we wait for the weather to arrive. This week is Brooklyn Restaurant Week. $23 gets you three courses and a wonderful evening of intrigue in one of Brooklyn's quirky, unique neighborhood eateries. A couple of highlights: Bar Tabac in Cobble Hill, applewood in Park Slope, Blue Ribbon Sushi, also in Park Slope, or Five Front in DUMBO. Also, a newer one, DeStefano's, right around the corner from yours truly, boasting one the best steaks I've had in NYC hands down. $23? Seriously, that's like a meal at Wendy's. Def make some time in your week to try a couple of new places.

In other news, the Easter weekend wore me the eff out, so tonight it looks like it's takeout and the couch. PEACE OUT.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


On the plus side, I am going to four or five shows in the next couple of months that I wouldn't have gone to if I hadn't been wasted last night, and I must be really popular this morning because I have like twenty messages today that I can't check because work blocks Facebook and Myspace! Whoever introduced me to martinis is getting a nice Hawaiian punch.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Saturday, May 3 at 6:00 PM
Scenic presents Rocks Off Presents : The Bouncing Souls / Tim Barry / Gaslight Anthem
at Europa, New York City

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wow! What a day! Just last night, sitting down around a dinner with friends, we were discussing how terrible the dollar is, which is my excuse for not going to Europe this year. Today gold jumped again, higher than $1,030, and oil is at $111. The Fed cut rates another 25 bps and three month T-Bills are returning less than 1%. They are barely worth the paper they are printed on. Europe is looking further and further out of reach for a poor old American.

Bear Sterns news is bad for everyone, including European and Asian markets today, but I hope that we will get some more information about the deal in the coming days. For those of you who don't know (or care), JPM is buying 140 million shares of Bear Stearns stock for about $2 each, a whole $28 dollars less than it closed at on Friday, and about $120 less than the 52 week high, through a stock swap. The Fed will be covering JPM on the liquidity because of the risk of buying the CDO heavy, leveraged-to-their-tits Bear with only two days of due diligence. On one hand, that's crazy, and clearly there was some reason why JPM is taking on the risk, right? I mean, either they know something that makes the deal profitable or there was some pushing from the Fed. On the other hand, they only paid $250 million for a firm doing about $2bn in profit per year, plus the building downtown worth an estimated $1.2bn. Freels? If the Fed had helped me I'd have bought it, too.

In any case, lets hope that we won't be wallpapering our living rooms with greenbacks and JP Morgan stock certificates in the coming months, because I'm totes gettin yelled at if I try to put Europe off another year.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

For the past five or six years I have avoided this particular website, even though it is quite popular. So loved, so frequented, in fact, that it comes up in conversation at least once a week these days. It's popularity has been rising exponentially, and I think that, just from observational and speculative evidence, it may have finally eclipsed it's monolith of a rival. This weekend, after seeing my dear roommate play with this website for hours (it seems) beside me on the couch, I registered for Facebook. May Lord have mercy on my soul.

But seriously this shit is addictive like heroin or Bejeweled.

Also: Four fucking days until spring. YA HEARD! This will help you get in the mood:

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Drunk blogging FTL. It went something like how I thought Kate Nash was Kate Bush (she is no Kate Bush) and my roommate made me listen to it and I was totes disappointed even though she is getting lots of buzz right now, so instead I downloaded "So" and pretty much every good Genesis album and yacht-rocked out all night.

Also for some reason this:

I promise if my posts on this blog do not get better soon I will quit.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nola, a four-piece from my adopted hometown, Raleigh NC, plays dreamy alt-country with enough soul to remind you how country music is supposed to make you feel. After a long while with no updates to their website, it looked like they might have called it quits. Fortunately, I just got a message on Myspace with good news: they just finished their full length that we have been waiting a year and a half for, and so far it sounds like it was worth the wait. Nola had a little help in the studio from their friend Bon Iver, who you may also be familiar with. The best part is that they just put the whole thing up for download on their Virb page.