Monday, March 24, 2008

Brooklyn is the place to be in the spring. Drinking outside, hipsters taking their clothes off, walking in our beautiful parks and outdoor concerts all come to a head when the weather hits 65 degrees. Unfortunately, it's still 50 out today, but at least it's sunny and it's not snowing. Fortunately Brooklyn also has lots of indoor activties to offer while we wait for the weather to arrive. This week is Brooklyn Restaurant Week. $23 gets you three courses and a wonderful evening of intrigue in one of Brooklyn's quirky, unique neighborhood eateries. A couple of highlights: Bar Tabac in Cobble Hill, applewood in Park Slope, Blue Ribbon Sushi, also in Park Slope, or Five Front in DUMBO. Also, a newer one, DeStefano's, right around the corner from yours truly, boasting one the best steaks I've had in NYC hands down. $23? Seriously, that's like a meal at Wendy's. Def make some time in your week to try a couple of new places.

In other news, the Easter weekend wore me the eff out, so tonight it looks like it's takeout and the couch. PEACE OUT.


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