Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Connections in brains that have been awesome recently: First, the Kate Bush/Kate Nash thing last week that made me remember the song Don't Give Up (which Kate Bush sang on) which made me start listening to Peter Gabriel again. Second, everybody hating on Vampire Weekend with this "Oh look how cute they remade Graceland" trash talk got me to listen to Paul Simon again and he's so much cooler than I thought he was when I was ten and only wanted to listen to En Vogue and Aerosmith. Third, I guess since it was Easter I started thinking about those big stone heads that people think aliens put on Easter Island, which reminded me of this huge Talking Heads display they had up in the Camelot music store by my grandparents house like a million years ago, so I downloaded 77 and I'm currently blasting it and I'm obvs the coolest dude in my office.


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