Tuesday, April 01, 2008

121 W. 10th St New York NY

Rated by: Becca S.

3/5 star rating


The Kingswood is like that boyfriend you had in college who you knew you should just dump, but somehow kept coming back to, over and over again.

He ignores you ("are the people here bringing us food or what???!!!" my friend cried out after 20 minutes had gone by without even getting our drink orders taken). He makes ridiculous excuses ("your burger IS medium rare, it's just that they treat the meat in a way that makes it brown" our waitress explained to me with an impressively straight face. Um, is that "treatment", by any chance, COOKING? ). He is not even all that interesting (mushroom risotto....eh).

But then he gives you truffle fries. And cute bartenders with Australian accents. And a really beautiful space. And all of a sudden you're giving him 3 stars, when he probably only deserves 2.

Ahahahaha sounds like my kind of place!


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