Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh shit. Caught up on my stories last night. Did you guys see that coming? A couple of gays, some blow, and a murder. This is turing into Passions! Also, eff that dream about Jenny I had a couple of weeks ago. I don't like her anymore. It's like bizarro world. Dan is turning into a little puss, and Serena is such a dirty whore! Also, Nate and Chuck are, like, awesome now. Who am I supposed to have a crush on now, Blair? Oh, who am I kidding, Serena could do a whole football team and I would still be totally in love with her (after a shower).

I saw Ironman on Friday and it was surprisingly good. I don't usually fall for these comic book movies, but Robert Downey Jr. was really good. Is anybody in real life that witty anymore? The British used to prize wit, right? It's gone now, more or less. Now we just have fart jokes. Anyway, it was a decent flick, and it was actually pretty funny. Also, I know it always comes back to this, but Pepper Potts is hot! I know! Pepper pot! Hot! It's so cute.

Also trying to get through a few books in the next few weeks. I finished The Inheritance of Loss and it was interesting. I don't know how it did so well commercially -- it's fractured and more poetry than prose -- but I enjoyed it. The only thing that I didn't fully grasp were the cultural differences that you have to keep in mind the whole way through. Trying to remember what part of India are we in now, or wait now it's Pakistan, and is that word a food or a piece of clothing or a caste? That part was tiring and distracted me from the nuances of her (his?) writing. I started Good to Great by Jim Collins, for a management course I'm taking. Everybody in my class who has started it is raving about how great it is and supposedly the companies profiled in the book beat the NYSE and NASDAQ by something like 15 points over the past fifteen years, and Collins is well respected in his field. Unfortunately, it sometimes is a field more infatuated with buzzwords and shortsightedness than science and long-term results. I will report back. I'm also reading Yiddish Policemen's Union, by Michael Chabon. I'm not far enough in to say much about it, but I think it's an "alternate future" book where all the European Jews got sent to Alaska in 1948 instead of Israel. Whatever, it's Chabon, I'm sure it will be decent. If anyone knows how to pronounce Chabon please let me know. Shay-bone? Shi-bone? Finally, on the subway and at my desk I am listening to Ender's Game. Yes I know.

That's a lot of media consumption! Next post I will go back to stories about beer and yelling.


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