Thursday, June 19, 2008

What sort of instrument is the crazy noise in lots of Latin American songs that sounds sort of like a cross between a dog barking and that squeaky noise you can make on glass with a wet finger? I was trying to listen to the new Sergio Mendes record (good, poppy, one or two stand-out songs) but I heard this sound on one song and now all I can hear is this squeaky sound in, like, every song, and it's driving me crazy so I'm going to have to turn it off.

Edit: Now I am def going to have to turn it off because Will.I.Am just said "rockin' this new ish" and I hate that radio-ready candy-pop allstars have just started TBS mid-afternoon Saturday movie-style censoring themselves. Yippie-kay-aye, Mothertrucker.


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