Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Hipsterdom is the first “counterculture” to be born under the advertising industry’s microscope..." ahWHAAA?

Come on, seriously? For one thing, this smacks of revisionist history and nearsightedness. The whole piece sounds like it was written by someone much too immature for a national audience. The writing style is hackneyed and there is absolutely zero analysis or commentary. For another thing, since when is dressing in skinny pants a fucking "counter-culture?" Is this journalism or just a C&P from a fat chick's Livejournal? It's obvious reading the "quotes" that Mr. Haddow has taken some poetic license, which, I'll grant, may be necessary when you're trying to write ten pages on a thesis as shallow as "Dude, like, what's up with hipsters, you know?" What's amazing is that your buddy, the one who rides fixed-gear and always has on a brand new 59fifty from Dave's Quality Meat isn't a hipster, but the dude across the bar with skinny jeans and a scarf drinking a beer(!!!) is. Or, if you like, the only people who are hipsters are the ones you're not friends with.

Wait a minute, this dude is the one rallying against hipsters? Is this a joke? Alright, boys, that's that last straw. Time to nuke Vancouver.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, you sons of bitches. Way to suck the fun out of the internet, Hasbro.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boast post: My casework group is just about finished with a twenty-five page analysis of a cement manufacturer in Mexico that is targeting the poorest consumers by offering microcredit and installment plans. We gave a 45 minute presentation on them last week and received a written critique just now and the professor focused in on three points and strategies that were all mine. Solid.

Also, next semester I am finally taking two courses that are my planned concentrations: finance and media management. If all goes well I can start building my five-year plan in the next six or eight months. Mostly it's just going to be wearing jeans to work and working with rock stars, though.

Finally, tomorrow I get to go to work in jeans (five-year plan five years early) for a meeting with IT and then I'm hanging out in the East Village with my cousin all day. Summer is shaping up!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Insipired by an old blog post I found. July, 2005, I:
  • Thought that I would be leaving NYC in about three years.
  • Wanted a tattoo of a rooster.
  • Thought that I was wasting my summer because it was July already.
  • Did not eat sushi.
  • Never ate lunch.
  • Crossed my Z's and 7's.
  • Was trying to quit smoking.
  • Couldn't imagine my friends from high school getting married.

    July, 2008, I:
  • Think I'll be living in NYC for about another three years.
  • Got it.
  • Think it now. Can you believe it's July?
  • Eat it. Spicy tuna @ Buddha Bar nom nom nom.
  • Go out to lunch every day with my lunch buddies.
  • Don't, ever.
  • Am currently trying to quit smoking.
  • Am engaged. OMGWTF.
  • I wanna know what lunch is. I want you to show me.

    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Ted Leo this afternoon on the beautiful, Battery Park City esplanade. Be there or be square, suckers!

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    Things that have happened recently or will happen soon that are probably only important to me:
  • I picked up my contacts from my shady optician today and they look like the real thing, but they have Japanese writing all over them and direct me to, if I need any information on them. Janky.
  • Somebody released Hold 'Em for the iPod Touch so now I take this thing everywhere I go. I mean everywhere.
  • The Avett Brothers are playing a free show tomorrow night and I'm going to miss it because I am going to be in class, like a sucker.
  • Before the summer is over I am getting The Wife's initals tattooed on me. Everybody tells me what a terrible decision that is and I tell them to shut it. You only live once.
  • I picked up a lesbian at a bar for a friend a few weeks ago and I was so smooth.
  • Quitting smoking sucks hard and I want to punch people in the mouth, but I guess it's better than spending $10 every other day for a pack. Maybe.
  • If anyone is interested in any of the following, I am planning on going: No Age, Breeders, New York Phil at Prospect Park, N Y Phil at Central Park, Spoon, Ted Leo (sorry, Brian), Deerhoof (I can't remember if I like this band), Siren Fest, Liars, Atlas Sound, Skatalites (YUSS!), Long Winters, King Khan, WILCO, or Aesop Rock. Also if there is something you would like to do, please drag me to them because I'm sure you have good taste, too.
  • I am listening to lots of business-geared motivational stuff on the way to work (You belong in the room as much as anyone else there! Plan, decide, delegate, act, judge!) and it totally works. Today I listened to Kevin Smith's SModcast instead and look at me! Jacking off and writing blog posts! Tomorrow, back to the grind.