Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boast post: My casework group is just about finished with a twenty-five page analysis of a cement manufacturer in Mexico that is targeting the poorest consumers by offering microcredit and installment plans. We gave a 45 minute presentation on them last week and received a written critique just now and the professor focused in on three points and strategies that were all mine. Solid.

Also, next semester I am finally taking two courses that are my planned concentrations: finance and media management. If all goes well I can start building my five-year plan in the next six or eight months. Mostly it's just going to be wearing jeans to work and working with rock stars, though.

Finally, tomorrow I get to go to work in jeans (five-year plan five years early) for a meeting with IT and then I'm hanging out in the East Village with my cousin all day. Summer is shaping up!


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