Friday, July 18, 2008

Insipired by an old blog post I found. July, 2005, I:
  • Thought that I would be leaving NYC in about three years.
  • Wanted a tattoo of a rooster.
  • Thought that I was wasting my summer because it was July already.
  • Did not eat sushi.
  • Never ate lunch.
  • Crossed my Z's and 7's.
  • Was trying to quit smoking.
  • Couldn't imagine my friends from high school getting married.

    July, 2008, I:
  • Think I'll be living in NYC for about another three years.
  • Got it.
  • Think it now. Can you believe it's July?
  • Eat it. Spicy tuna @ Buddha Bar nom nom nom.
  • Go out to lunch every day with my lunch buddies.
  • Don't, ever.
  • Am currently trying to quit smoking.
  • Am engaged. OMGWTF.

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