Friday, August 22, 2008

Drive by Truckers and Hold Steady are playing two shows in NYC together during their "Rock 'n Roll Means Well" tour. I jumped the gun and bought tickets for Thursday night on presale, and now of course there are plenty of tickets for Friday, but at least it will give me a reason to take a three day weekend, or just have a very lazy Friday. Super stoked. This will def be one for the ages. I know it's early to get too excited, but my money is on them collaborating on at least two or three songs, and it will shake. The. Earth.


Anonymous farmfresh said...

they're playing a show in raleigh too. if it wasn't $25 *and* at the lincoln theatre, i might consider it. also it's not until november, so that's like way too far ahead for me to plan.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Ben Shepard said...

Yeah, this is the first time I've ever bought tickets three months in advance I think.

You know I think I've only been to the Lincoln once and I don't remember it being that awful. Isn't this the one that has the bar in the middle of the room right when you walk in and the stage area is sort of 'tiered?'

8:56 AM  
Anonymous farmfresh said...

yeah, that's the one. i've only been to two shows there. tanya donnelly and some bluegrass show. invariably if you don't get there early enough you end up having to stand in the tiered aisles while people either push past you going back and forth to the bar the whole time, or mash you up against the wall.

1:52 PM  

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