Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I bet every person who works at NASA is so sick of hearing the "it's not rocket science" joke.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


They are starting a spring tour, and playing at Bamboozle Fest in East Rutherford on May 2nd, along with No Doubt, Rise Against, Taking Back Sunday, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Gwar, International Superheroes of Hardcore (NFG side project), Now Now Every Children, The Ataris, and "more to be announced."

Who's coming with me!? Real talk: Emo festival in the middle of Jersey. Does it get any better?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A promotions company on the sidewalk outside of my office are giving out these Sunsweet Boosters drinks, apparently trying to gauge if people will pay $3 (2 for $5 at Pathmark. For real?) for fruit juice that has "booster" in the product name. The marketing geniuses behind rebranding prunes for Generation X (dude) as California Dried Plums (and presumably not behind their infinitely hipper cousin) I guess thought that if Jamba Juice can do it, so can they. Except that Jamba Juice is like, literally, just a bunch of fruit in a blender, made right before your eyes, and four hours after drinking a delicious Jamba Juice my insides don't feel like Chernobyl. I honestly can't get any work done because I am worried that someone is going to walk into my office and think that I keep a cache of decomposing baby birds in a drawer or something. Thanks, Sunsweet for a productive, heart-healthy morning.

I'm going home to eat leftover chinese food, which I'm sure will help a lot.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today after spending a couple of minutes on Google I discovered that there is no elegant, integrated way to disable (or, for my purposes, permanently enable) Numlock (without having access to regedit) in Windows 2000. So instead, I took the un-elegant route.

Screw the man.

Scroll lock, you're on notice.