Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A promotions company on the sidewalk outside of my office are giving out these Sunsweet Boosters drinks, apparently trying to gauge if people will pay $3 (2 for $5 at Pathmark. For real?) for fruit juice that has "booster" in the product name. The marketing geniuses behind rebranding prunes for Generation X (dude) as California Dried Plums (and presumably not behind their infinitely hipper cousin) I guess thought that if Jamba Juice can do it, so can they. Except that Jamba Juice is like, literally, just a bunch of fruit in a blender, made right before your eyes, and four hours after drinking a delicious Jamba Juice my insides don't feel like Chernobyl. I honestly can't get any work done because I am worried that someone is going to walk into my office and think that I keep a cache of decomposing baby birds in a drawer or something. Thanks, Sunsweet for a productive, heart-healthy morning.

I'm going home to eat leftover chinese food, which I'm sure will help a lot.


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