Monday, April 20, 2009

Is Tribeca Film Festival still cool? It starts up here in two days, and I've practically heard nothing about this year. How is there a big-name film festival in one of the cultural capitals of the world with no buzz? Possibilities: Smarter mainstream flicks (Doubt, Slumdog, Milk, I Love You Man, every Oscar winner in 2007). Nobody cares about documentaries on the plight of the Vietnamese rice farmer when we can't afford our mortgages. DeNiro is played out. Nobody hangs out in Tribeca. Tickets are so hard to get people like me stop trying after a couple of years. When you can get a ticket the ticket pick-up location is a thirty minute walk from the venue. Shitty marketing (I honestly didn't remember that this was happening until a friend gave me a booklet she was handed the other morning at 7am, coming out of Penn Station. Huh? This hardly an efficient use of resources.)

Who knows. At least maybe this year I will be able to get a ticket.


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