Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've been itching to get a NAS setup, and last night I found one for a decent price. Buffalo 1TB NAS is on sale at Dell for $144, from $199. It's only one drive which is a little scary, but hopefully it will stick around for a few years. What does everyone else do with thier imporatant data? RAID storage? Thumb drives? Web-based storage?


Anonymous farmfresh said...

depends. my dvd movie database info is on a network server but each computer that accesses it saves a local backup in case the central server data is lost or corrupted, my MP3s are on a networked media server and backed up periodically to an external USB drive, my photos get left on the camera memory cards after they're downloaded till all my camera cards are full, and then burned to CD or DVD before the memory cards are erased again, and my downloaded tv shows stay on a network server, but get archived to a dvd when the season ends so i can delete them off and free up space.

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