Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today I joined Hunch. It was probably a bad idea, but what the hell, I am already on Facebook and they know everything about me, and we are living in a world where our personal information lives on servers from your floor at work to some server-farm in Singapore. When I get busted for my seven-eights account I have no doubt that that one picture of me doing blow off of Nicole Richie's poodle will surface and the Daily News will report that my favorite movie was Spaceballs. Anyway, I'm totally suspicious about this site for a few reasons:

1) Too web two-point-oh-y. Sparse, not very intuitive, buzz-wordy, and no meat.

2) Whackass LAMP slash web designers are a dime a dozen, but statistical analysis is expensive and requires real software and can't really be done on the fly. I'm skeptical that we'll see real-time analysis of semi-qualitative information in our lifetimes. They could be running regressions in the background pretending like "Which video game console is right for me" is a question that can be answered using a quantitative method, but most of the time the answer they give you will leave you scratching your head.

3) User-created questions means that it will probably turn out like Yahoo Answers.

4) As of this afternoon 81% of the users were male (?). Weird.

Anyway, I could be totally wrong. I went back to TheSixtyOne a couple of weeks back and it's grown up in a good way. It's not a service that I am interested in (heart Pandora) but it's a lot better than it was a few months back. We'll see if Hunch can grow up similarly and find a revenue stream.


Anonymous farmfresh said...

i think they are trying to make it sound like this site is just out there to make a meager profit off of ad clicks, but i suspect the real money making scheme is going to be selling anonymized content, like question lists, and stats to market research firms and the like on a subscription basis.

ps. i think it's the "five-eights" account... rogue trader is a great movie, by the way.

3:30 PM  

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